Virtual Showroom:
Your product presentation in the digital age

A virtual showroom is a powerful marketing tool for acquiring new customers and retaining them. Regardless of locations and opening hours, you can achieve global presence and interaction with your target group. Other advantages are:

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Virtual showroom: no limits for your marketing

A virtual showroom is an exhibition space for your products on the Internet. The presentation takes place through 3D and 360° views. Your target group only needs a PC or laptop, a smartphone or tablet and an internet access. The virtualization can be a representation of your real showroom or a free modelling.

Advantages of virtual showroom
The 3D showroom offers you almost unlimited possibilities for product presentations. It can be 100% tailored to your needs. Other advantages are:

Global availability
In principle, the virtual showroom can be reached from anywhere in the world and at any time – 365 days a year. Multilingualism further increases its target.

Measurable results
Comprehensive reporting informs you about the length of stay and activities of interested parties and enables the continuous optimization of your showroom.

Multimedia offers
In addition to the 3D and 360° product presentation, brochures, videos, picture galleries, chat functions, live streams, media libraries and download centers, lectures, webinars and much more can be integrated into the virtual showroom.

Digital lead generation
Thanks to the numerous interaction and download offers for your target group, you can receive high-quality contact data for acquiring new customers and retaining them.

Flexible and fast update
The virtual showroom can be adapted immediately to changed design specifications, new products or to the behavior of the target group.

Cross channel integration
A 3D showroom can be linked to your company’s website or social media.

Cost advantages and sustainability
Compared to a physical showroom, there are no costs for rent, equipment and transport. By eliminating building materials and transport, your virtual showroom also stands for sustainability.


How to create a virtual showroom?

Virtual showroom: providers with the right platform

As a professional provider of virtual solutions, we advise and support you in the realization of your new 3D showroom. With our Virtual Expobooth you can have an innovative platform for your showroom. You can thus ensure a smooth technical process and proven functionality:

What is a virtual showroom?

A virtual showroom is a digital exhibition space on the Internet for presenting products. The presentation takes place through 3D and 360° views via desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone or via virtual reality (VR) technology, for which VR glasses are required. The digital showroom can be a digital twin or, as a hybrid showroom, an extension of a physical exhibition space, or it can be modeled purely virtually.

How much does a virtual showroom cost?

The costs depend on various factors, for example:

What features are there in virtual showrooms?

A virtual showroom offers you unlimited features:

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