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A virtual exhibition stand makes you independent of time and place. All visitors need is a desktop, tablet or smartphone and an internet access. Being easy to access and use increases your reach. Additional advantages:

Our tools enhance all live events.
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Expo booth

What is a virtual expo booth?

A virtual expo booth can be a realistic and identical representation of your conventional exhibition stand, the “digital twin”. However, it can also be designed completely freely. Visitors can navigate through the exhibition stand using their desktop browser or mobile devices. A virtual expo booth can have different elements:

How a virtual expo booth becomes successful

Provide relevant content

The digital content of the exhibition stand must correspond to the interests and needs of the target group. Exclusive offers that are only available at the virtual exhibition stand are suitable for becoming lead magnets: webinars, e-books or product demos can lead to contact details of potential customers. The same applies to live interactions via video, audio or text chats.

Prepare sales team

The sales team that accompanies the virtual exhibition must be properly trained and supported by high-quality technical solutions and support. Technical problems or insufficient video and audio quality can quickly destroy the chances of a successful communication.

Plan your virtual exhibition stand professionally

The content, organizational and technical requirements for a successful virtual exhibition stand require careful project planning and implementation. With our virtual expo booth, you have a tested software platform that can be used flexibly for your individual goals:

Our team has many years of project experience in international trade fair construction and in the planning of virtual trade fairs and exhibition stands, thus competent advice and support for your trade fair activities is guaranteed.

How does a virtual exhibition stand work?

A virtual exhibition stand is generally accessible to anyone who is interested via an online platform on the Internet. The access requirements can also be linked to login data or registration. The booth can be presented in 3D and offers virtual tours. By integrating different media with content and interactions with the visitor, personalized addressing is achieved and high-quality leads are generated.

How do online exhibitions work?

Online exhibitions take place exclusively on the Internet at a fixed time or permanently via virtual trade fair platforms. Visits can be made via desktop or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones with internet access. The online fair can include 3D elements, augmented reality or virtual reality systems. The hurdles for visitors are low because there are no travel time and costs or other expenses.

How do I organize a virtual exhibition?

Virtual exhibitions have to take into account the shorter attention span of visitors compared to conventional events. Relevant content for the target group, high-quality visual and acoustic experiences and many interaction options are prerequisites for the success of a virtual trade fair. The right event platform must ensure the transmission quality and a trouble-free technical process.

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