Virtual Events:
New customer acquisition and customer engagement in the digital space

Virtual event formats are trendy. They offer you new opportunities for marketing and sales through:

A virtual event allows you to address to your participants personally through digital interaction and evaluates the interests of the participants, as well as the overall success of your event.

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What are virtual events?

Virtual events are events on online platforms that enable your target group to participate via desktops or mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Common virtual event formats are:

What makes virtual events successful?

Virtual events need interactive elements to prolong the attention span of the participants. As a result, their individual interests can be taken into account, which in turn leads to a longer stay of the participants and to more qualified leads. Virtual event formats are:

The success criteria for your virtual event are: relevant content for the target group, audiovisual experiences, immediate interaction and the right event platform. A suitable event platform and a helpful virtual event provider ensure you a smooth technical process and thus a lasting positive participant experience.

Plan virtual events professionally

Organizing virtual events means defining goals and target group, planning content and budget and finding the right event solution. With our virtual expo booth you have a multifunctional event platform that will make your virtual event a success. All functionalities of the virtual expo booth are precisely coordinated:

In addition, sponsoring, e-shops and payment functions by credit card or Paypal can be integrated. Login functions, technical security and data protection are also implemented.  Our team of experienced professionals can advise and support you in any phase of your custom-made project.

Virtual events have future potential

Virtual event formats were augmented through pandemic crisis, but will still remain relevant due to the convenience they offer. Their advantages are simply impressive:

Benefit from our many years of expertise in international trade fair construction and in the planning of virtual events to successfully use your virtual event for new leads and customer engagement.

How do virtual events work?

Virtual events take place exclusively in the digital space at a fixed time via an online platform. A virtual event can involve 3D elements, augmented reality or virtual reality systems. Participation takes place via a desktop or via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, thus travelling or other expenses are avoided.

What types of virtual events are there?

Examples of virtual events that can be organized are:

A virtual event platform is particularly suitable for a larger number of participants who should be offered many opportunities for interaction. A combination of virtual events with conventional meetings is called a hybrid event.

How do you host virtual events?

Organizing virtual events means taking into account the shorter attention span of the participants compared to conventional events. Therefore, your target group must be offered a relevant content, high-quality experience and numerous interaction options. The right event platform should ensure an unceasing transmission quality and a trouble-free technical process.

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